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New study shows CoQ10 effective at treating AMD

CoQ10 for AMD   With all of the health benefits connected to CoQ10 it’s relevance to the prevention of AMD is under examined and reported. With its positive results for heart disease, Parkinson’s, Hunington’s and so many other life threatening conditions a lot of attention has been focused on how CoQ10 supports overall health and now a new study examines its role in AMD.     CoQ10 is a naturally-occurring Read More

Why take meso-zeaxanthin?

The release of the AREDS2 study results confirmed some important hopes for reducing AMD progression in those diagnosed already. Most importantly, that replacing potentially harmful beta carotene with carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin was as, or more effective with no negative side effects.   However the study has received some criticism for not including what many researchers consider to be the most beneficial carotenoid for macular health, meso-zeaxanthin. Meso-zeaxanthin makes up Read More